Structural Repairs & Alterations

London Underpinning specialists provide structural alterations for clients carrying out commercial refurbishment or residential renovations. Our structural repairs offer temporary or permanent solutions for existing structures.



Solutions for Buildings in a State of Change

We specialise in structural repairs and alterations to existing buildings. Traditionally our clients are commercial or private landlords and insurance companies although we have worked for schools and building companies.

We carry out emergency repairs and address building stability issues for Structural Engineers, often appointed by insurers. We use our experience and expertise to advise on the practicality of the solutions proposed and we work closely with our client to ensure a successful outcome.

Our repair works have covered an array of stabilisation scenario’s, from commonly using Helifix crack-stitching techniques to repair masonry cracks on jobs all over London, to manufacturing a bespoke, 12 tone structural steel support structure to provide temporary support to a collapsing house facade in Bayswater, London.

Mass Concrete Underpinning

A traditional technique of underpinning which uses regularly placed box cavities beneath the old foundation. These are then filled with concrete.

Beam And Base Underpinning

Reinforced concrete beams are placed on concrete bases. They are positioned under the existing foundation, and the load is shifted to the bases.

Mini Pile Underpinning

An underpinning solution for restricted spaces. They are smaller than other piles (100-400mm) and require smaller piling rigs for installation.


Managing Subsidence and Cracks

We work closely with Structural Engineers to carry out their prescribed remediation works to a broad range of buildings. Traditional underpinning and Helifix crack repairs are our most commonly requested repair works. However, at London Underpinning we often use structural steelwork to provide temporary or permanent structural solutions.



Structural Repairs/Alterations Gallery

Examples of London Underpinning specialists at work in both commercial and residential environments.