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When do Foundations Need to be Strengthened?

A property requires underpinning in order to strengthen foundations that are no longer able to support the building reliably. This could be because the foundations are old, or as a result of subsoil shifting. Properties that are being extended through the addition of another floor, may require underpinning in order to fortify the existing foundations.

Symptoms of Weakened Foundations:

Mass Concrete Underpinning

Box cavities are dug along the perimeter walls, reaching below the existing foundation. They’re filled with concrete. Dry packing is then used to distribute the building’s weight.

Base and Beam Underpinning

Mass concrete bases are formed adjacent to the walls, reinforced concrete beams are then formed to span between the bases and support the walls above.

Mini Pile Underpinning

Mini piles are a useful alternative to traditional underpinning in poor quality ground or where a piled raft has been designed.

Rigorous standards of quality

We Plan Carefully and Fulfil Projects Safely.

When working with the foundations of a property, planning, project management and safety precautions are key to a successful outcome.

We ensure the following steps are followed on every project:

foundation underpinning


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